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Tue. Nov 28th 2017
At 13:52 units were activated for the Brush Fire in 114's District of Unity Twp.  Engine & Utility 34 operated for over an hour to control & contain the 1 acre fire.  Units on scene: 114, 34, 93.
Mon. Nov 27th 2017
This evening Engine & Rescue 34 operated at a Vehicle Accident in the 2600 block of Route 119 in Crabtree.  Crews found 1 vehicle into a pole, the operator self-extricated and several sets of power lines down, closing the roadway.  Units out 3 hrs.
Fri. Nov 17th 2017
This morning at 06:46 Engine 34 responded into Hannastown for a small Porch Fire.  Crews extinguished the fire, checked for extension and ventilated smoke from the residence.  Units on the scene: 75, 34, 84, 90.  Crews out 45 mins.
Thu. Oct 26th 2017
This afternoon at 15:00 crews were alerted for a House Fire in the Village of Hostetter, Unity Twp (73 District).  1st arriving companies found a 2-story residence with fire on both floors.  Rescue 34 operated as the RIT company for about an hour.
Tue. Sep 26th 2017
This morning at 08:53 Rescue 34 operated at a Crash w/Entrapment on Route 22 (77 District).   Crews found a vehicle that hit the rear-end of a flatbed truck and overturned, trapping the driver.  Crews stabilized the vehicle and removed a door to extricate.  Units on the scene: 77...
Sun. Sep 24th 2017
This morning at 08:45 area fire crews were alerted to the Unity Twp Municipal Building for a Structure Fire (114 District).  1st arriving units found the block-long public works building heavily involved and began a defensive attack, setting up multiple water sources.  Rescu...
Sat. Sep 16th 2017
At 22:08 Engine & Rescue 34 operated at a Vehicle Accident on the Latrobe-Crabtree Road (114 District).  Crews secured the vehicles, controlled the hazards, removed a door for extrication and assisted EMS with evaluating and treating 4 patients.  Units on the scene: 34, 113, 114. ...
Wed. Sep 13th 2017
Rescue 34 operated at 2 fires today in the City of Greensburg.  The first coming in the afternoon at a 3-story commercial Victorian-style with fire in the walls and smoke throughout.  The second in the evening at a 2-story residential with fire on the 1st floor.  
Tue. Aug 22nd 2017
Things got started at 08:00 this morning where the Rescue & Engine ran an overturned vehicle on Twin Lakes Road in Unity Twp.   The crews secured the vehicle, attended to the injured, set up traffic control and cut a tree that was knocked over onto the roadway.  Then at 10:00 the Rescu...
Wed. Aug 16th 2017
This afternoon at 13:53 area companies were alerted to a Garage Fire on Saxman Rd, Unity Twp (114 District).  Engines 114 & 34 arrived to find a 2-car garage with fire showing.  The Engine crew split, going interior, throwing ladders and setting up a water supply.  ...
Mon. Jul 24th 2017
This morning at 08:59 Crabtree & surrounding companies operated at a Vehicle Accident on Route 119 in Center Crabtree where a tractor trailer hauling coal dust lost control, hitting a wall, a house, overturning spilling its load and bringing down power lines.  Crews spent a better part of t...
Fri. Jul 14th 2017
This afternoon Rescue 34 worked a Vehicle Accident on Route 22 in Salem Twp (90 District).  Crews stabilized the vehicles, put the tools to work to extricate 2 patients, assisted EMS with treating and packaging the injured, along with setting up a landing zone, controlling the fluids and removi...
Tue. Jun 27th 2017
Rescue 34 operated as the RIT company at another overnight fire, this time in the City of Greensburg.  Initial crews made a quick knock of the fire in the 2nd floor kitchen area of a popular eatery. Units out 1 hr.
Mon. Jun 26th 2017
Overnight, crews worked a fire in an apartment building in Derry Twp (71 District).  1st arriving units had fire in a basement with extension into the walls & floor joists.  Rescue 34 operated for an hour as the RIT company.
Thu. Jun 22nd 2017
This evening at 21:13 the alarm went out for a House Fire in the 1st due.  Engine 34 arrived to find a smoke condition throughout the house as a result of a battery charger that exploded in the kitchen area.  The engine crew checked for extension and ventilated before going in service...
Wed. May 17th 2017
Crabtree Volunteers participated in the annual disaster drill at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport.
Wed. Apr 19th 2017
This evening at 17:55 Rescue 34 was alerted into the City of Greensburg to assist with a structure fire.  The Rescue crew threw ladders and operated as one of the initial RIT companies.  Units out 3 hours.
Sat. Apr 15th 2017
This evening at 22:51 Rescue 34 operated at a Vehicle Accident with 1 pinned on the Donahue Road, Unity Twp (114 District).  The vehicle sheared a utility pole, then flipped over onto its roof, trapping the driver.  Crews stabilized the vehicle, popped a door, removed the steering wheel an...
Fri. Mar 31st 2017
This evening at 19:50 Rescue, Engine & Utility 34 operated at a Vehicle Accident on the Latrobe-Crabtree Road in the 1st due.  Crews found a mini van on its side into a pole, with several lines down and the operator self-extricated.  Crews stabilized the vehicle, secured the hazards, c...
Sat. Mar 18th 2017
Today Crabtree and area fire companies participated in a Grain Bin Rescue class sponsored by the Forbes Road FD.  Crews spent time in the classroom and at a local farm taking part in different rescue scenarios, as well as a tour and operations review of the facilities.
Thu. Mar 16th 2017
This evening at 20:08, Rescue & Utility 34 operated at a House Fire in the village of Baggaley, Unity Twp (39 District).  Crews split and assisted with RIT, ventilation, overhaul and salvage operations.  Units out 2.5 hrs.
Sun. Mar 12th 2017
This evening at 22:30 units were sent to Route 119 at Middle Row in Crabtree for the Vehicle Accident.  Rescue 34 arrived and found a vehicle that struck a fire hydrant and the front of the house.  The crew secured the vehicle, checked for injuries, controlled the fluid spill and...
Thu. Mar 9th 2017
The 2nd fire of the day took the Rescue crew to the city of Greensburg, where they operated as the RIT Team on the House Fire.  
Thu. Mar 9th 2017
This afternoon at 13:00 Rescue 34 was alerted for the Trailer Fire in Derry Twp (71 District).  1st arriving units found the structure to be fully involved with possible persons trapped.  Crews put a knock on the fire & began a search.  The Rescue crew operated as the RI...
Wed. Feb 22nd 2017
This morning at 09:43 Rescue 34, as part of the Westmoreland County Trench & Collapse Rescue Team, worked a Trench Rescue extrication in South Huntingdon (107 District).  Crews worked through the morning and early afternoon hours to safely recover the victim from a 10ft deep trench tha...
Sat. Feb 11th 2017
This morning Rescue 34 operated as the RIT company on a fire at an industrial facility in 71's District.  Crews had fire in a metals dust collector and ductwork with smoke throughout the building.  Crews out 1.5 hrs.
Mon. Jan 30th 2017
This evening at 19:08 while Utility 34 was out handling a medical call, Engine 34 responded into Luxor (93 DIstrict) for a Porch Fire.  1st arriving crews found an exterior fire above the porch that was extending into the interior walls of the residence and began to put a knock on the fire...
Wed. Jan 11th 2017
Rescue 34 has run several weather-related crashes the past 2 mornings, including this pin job on Latrobe-Crabtree Road in the 1st due.  
Sun. Dec 25th 2016
Area fire crews battled a House Fire overnight this Christmas morning in Unity Twp (114 District).  Rescue 34, along with Engine 71 operated for 3 hours as the RIT companies.
Sun. Dec 18th 2016
Santa made his annual trip around town this afternoon, then stopped in to have lunch with the children of the community and listen to their wishes for Christmas morning.
514 entries the in Call History


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