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Thu. May 19th 2016

This afternoon at 15:11 Rescue 34 operated on Route 119, Salem Twp for the Vehicle Accident, where 1 vehicle hit a utility pole, then rolled over a couple times into the front yard of a residence.  The crew assisted with securing the hazards and traffic control.

Mon. May 9th 2016

This morning at 06:10 Rescue & Utility 34 operated on the Vehicle Accident with Injuries on Cemetery Road in the 1st due.  Crews secured the vehicles, controlled the hazards & assisted EMS with patient packaging.  Units out 1.5 hrs.

Fri. May 6th 2016

This morning at 04:48 crews were alerted for the Vehicle Accident on Route 22, Derry Twp (71 District).  EMS arrived to find a tri-axle truck overturned in a field.  The truck hit into a farm tractor carrying 2 ammonia tanks that was sitting in the field.  Both tanks were...

Fri. Apr 29th 2016

At 08:20 this morning, area emergency crews were put to the test with a major incident in the Rt 819/Rt 22 area of Salem Twp (90 District).  A main high pressure natural gas distribution line exploded, erupting into an enormous ball of fire that scorched acres & completely leveled o...

Mon. Apr 25th 2016

Around the lunch hour today, Utility 34 assisted on the Vehicle Fire in Derry Twp (77 District).  The crew assisted with extinguishment & overhaul.  Units out 40 mins.

Mon. Apr 25th 2016

Crabtree crews assisted on Route 119 this morning with a major water line break in the center of town.

Tue. Apr 12th 2016

This morning just after the 04:00 hour, crews were alerted for the Vehicle Accident with Entrapment on Route 22, prior to Route 819, Salem Twp (90 District), involving a passenger car & a loaded, modified-garbage truck on its side.   The accident shut down the w-bound lanes dur...

Mon. Apr 4th 2016

This afternoon at 13:54 Rescue & Utility 34 operated on a 3-Vehicle Accident, Route 119 on the top of Crabtree Hill.  The Rescue crew went to work on triaging patients, securing the hazards and extricating the trapped victim.  The Utility crew worked with EMS on&...

Sat. Apr 2nd 2016

This afternoon at 13:00 Crabtree crews worked a Brush Fire off Latrobe-Crabtree Road in the 1st due.  With the assistance of neighboring departments, crews contained the fire to apprx 2 acres of wooded area.  Crews out 1.5 hrs.  Units on the scene: 34, 71, 75, 77, 114.

Sun. Mar 27th 2016

This afternoon at 16:33 Utility 34 assisted companies with a Brush Fire in 90's District, Salem Twp.  Crews got a quick knock & spent approx 30 mins on hot spots.

Thu. Mar 24th 2016

This morning at 11:00 Utility 34 assisted area companies at a large Brush Fire in the Trees Mills section of Salem Twp (59 District).  Units out 1 hr.

Fri. Mar 18th 2016

This afternoon at 14:44 Rescue & Engine 34 operated on the Vehicle Accident on Rushwood Rd, Derry Twp (77 District).  Units arrived to find 2 vehicles, with 1 on its side into a tree and the other smoking from an engine compartment fire that was extinguished from bystanders pri...

Wed. Mar 9th 2016

At 23:32 Rescue 34 and area crews operated on the Vehicle Accident with Ejection on Cameo Lane, Hempfield Twp (93 DIstrict).  Units arrived to find 1 vehicle that hit several trees, ejecting both occupants.  Crews from 93, 75, 84 & 34 went to work treating the injured, set...

Sun. Mar 6th 2016

Late afternoon, Rescue & Utility 34 operated on the vehicle roll-over accident on Latrobe-Crabtree Rd/Saxman Rd intersection, Unity Twp.

Sun. Feb 28th 2016

At 16:15 area fire crews were alerted to Keenan Drive in Salem Twp (90 District) for a Brush Fire.  Chief 90 arrived and found a large, wind-driven fire spreading into the woods and requested additional resources, bringing Engine & Utility 34 to the scene.  Crews worked fo...

Thu. Jan 21st 2016

At 11:56 crews were alerted to 2 crashes on Route 22.  The 1st being at the Route 981 intersection in New Alexandria, involving 2 vehicles with no injuries.  The 2nd being at the Route 119 intersection in Salem Twp involving 2 vehicles with 1 trapped.  Crews from 34, 77 & ...

Tue. Jan 12th 2016

This afternoon during blizzard-like conditions, Rescue & Utility 34 operated on Route 119 top of Crabtree Hill for the Vehicle Accident involving 4 passenger cars & a loaded school bus.  Crews shut down the roadway, checked for injuries & mitigated the hazards.  No stud...

Tue. Jan 5th 2016

At 21:19, Engine 34 ran a Chimney Fire in the East High Acres Plan (114 District).  The Engine crew split interior and assisted with checking for extension, ventilation and air monitoring. Crews out 1 hr.  Units on the scene: 114, 34, 91, 93, Tanker 75.

Fri. Dec 11th 2015

This morning at 06:20 Engine 34 ran a Vehicle Fire in the 1st due  Route 119 on Crabtree Hill, Salem Twp.  

Tue. Dec 8th 2015

This afternoon at 1253 Rescue 34 assisted EMS with a patient who fell 20 ft out of tree.  Crews from 34 & 114 then set up a landing zone in a nearby field for STAT Medevac.

Sun. Dec 6th 2015

Rescue 34 ran back-to-back calls overnight beginning at 02:22.  The 1st being a Vehicle Accident with 1 overturned on the Latrobe-Crabtree Road approx 1 mile from Crabtree.  Crews stabilized and secured the vehicle, controlled the hazards & traffic. While clearing this inc...

Sat. Nov 28th 2015

This afternoon at 12:50 Rescue 34 operated on the Vehicle Accident, Route 981 @ Sheetz in New Alex.  Crews from 77 & 34 evaluated the injured, secured the vehicles, controlled the hazards, provided traffic control & debris removal. Crews out 1 hrs.

Fri. Nov 20th 2015

At 12:30 Rescue 34 was placed on the assignment for a Garage Fire in Bovard, Hempfield Twp (84 District).  Engine 84 arrived to find fire in an apartment above a 2-car garage, laid in & stretched 2 lines.  Rescue 34 arrived 2nd, after clearing the nearby crash, splitting crews&...

Fri. Nov 20th 2015

Today at 11:43 Rescue 34 operated on the Vehicle Accident with Injuries, Twin Lakes Rd @ McWilliams Rd intersection (114 District).  The Rescue crew asissted with patient care, debris, fluids and traffic and then responded on the Structure Fire assignment in 84 DIstrict.

Sun. Nov 8th 2015

Today 4 members from Crabtree attended the annual structural burn training day @ the Indiana County Fire Academy.  Crews spent the morning & early afternoon hours taking in several interior burn evolutions, along with ventilation, truck company operations & RIT.

Wed. Oct 28th 2015

Late afternoon today, Rescue 34 operated at this Vehicle Accident on Route 22 in New Alexandria, with 1 vehicle on fire.  Crews from 77 extinguished the fire, and mitigated the hazards.  Rescue 34 assisted with hands.

Tue. Oct 20th 2015

At 0900 Rescue 34 handled a Vehicle Accident with Injury on the Latrobe-Crabtree Rd, approx 1 mile out of town, where the crew assisted with patient care, traffic control & debris cleanup.  

Thu. Oct 15th 2015

This afternoon at 13:00, Engine & Utility 34 operated at a Combine Fire in a field off Rifle Lane in the 1st due.  Crews pulled a line knocking down the fire, opened up & performed extensive overhaul.  Engines 77 & 84 assisted at the scene.  Crews out 1.5 hrs....

Wed. Oct 7th 2015

This afternoon at 13:19 Engine 34 operated on the Garage Fire on Luxor Road in the 1st due district.  The Engine, with a crew of 5, arrived to find a 1-story, 2-car garage fu...

Sun. Oct 4th 2015

This afternoon at 17:15 Rescue 34 was alerted as the 2nd Rapid Intervention Team on the building fire in the Hempfield Twp Industrial Park (23 District).  The fire was located and extinguished quickly and the Rescue was returned in service not long after arriving on scene.  Units on the...

461 entries the in Call History


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